Consumer Demographic Profile

An ECONSolutions Consumer Demographic Profile uses the STI: PopStats database with over 1,200 variables with a bottom-up methodology to deliver the highest accuracy level and dependable demographic data. With ECONSolutions customizable options you have the ability to compare up to 3 trade areas side by side to assist in analyzing a market using drive-times, radius rings or comparable markets.


Household Segmentation Profile

An ECONSolutions Household Segmentation Profile provides a deep understanding of consumer preferences, behaviors and habits.  Utilizing the Personicx Lifestage database the report segments 70 household clusters into one of 21 Lifestage Groups and ranks the top 10 individual clusters allowing the user to identify the most concentrated groups with ease. The report is designed to be used to compare a potential site with two successful locations of a proposed business recruitment target or to compare how consumers in a market change as the market size grows. The document includes links to the Personicx Online Guide that provides clients with an in depth summary of each group and cluster.

GAP ConsumerDemandMarketSupplyAsses

Consumer Demand & Market Supply Assessment (Gap Analysis)

An ECONSolutions Consumer Demand & Market Supply Assessment examines opportunity/surplus gaps across 31 retail segments and 40 major product and service lines to provide insight on potential opportunities within a defined market. The assessment evaluates the overall trade area, not just an agencies boundaries, making it a useful tool to assist in development planning, recruitment strategies, and overall market analysis.



ECONSolutions can customize a variety of maps as visual tools to assist in understanding your trade areas, shopping centers and retail clusters. Visual aids can also be effective for spatial analysis when evaluating competition, cannibalization or synergy.


Community Profile

Community Profile

An ECONSolutions Community Profile summarizes a community’s characteristics, market area, and local economic indicators in a condensed 4 to 6 page format that can be used for marketing events, recruitment events and client websites.



Void Analysis

Void Analysis & Market Profile

An ECONSolutions Void Analysis Summary & Market Profile provides clients with a list of retailers and restaurants to target that would potentially fill a void within a market. A Void Analysis is a useful tool when evaluating a tenant mix for a new or redevelopment project or generating leads for vacant site. Information includes nearest location, approximate parcel size needed, estimated local annual revenue (sales tax), along with a contact to reach out to. This report is supported by a database of over 1,000 retailers with over 131,000 locations within the state of California.


Economic Development Action Plan (EDAP)

ECONSolutions can help focus a city’s economic development efforts by drafting an Economic Development Action Plan (EDAP). A two to three year period is commonly used for an EDAP that focuses on identifying near-term economic development goals and opportunities within geographic or specified business areas.




Retail Performance Assessment

ECONSolutions offers an in depth report assessing your retail environment along with detailing key areas to focus on to nurture growth, development, and revenue. The report utilizes data in the form of demographic information, lifestyle characteristics, leakage reports, and HdL’s proprietary Sales Tax database to highlight local retail trends and identify strengths and weaknesses of your retail marketplace along with recommended next steps.


Business Attraction ServicesBusiness Attraction Services

Commercial vacancies, new development, and redevelopment sites are opportunities for our clients to capitalize on new revenue. Maneuvering through the difficulties of working with shopping centers with fragmented property ownership, site selectors and real estate professionals is a specialty of ECONSolutions staff. Contact us to discuss how we can assist in attracting expanding retailers and restaurants to your community.


Economic Incentives & Public Private Negotiations

The use of a Public-Private Partnership (P3) for economic development purposes involves the use of public resources or financing capabilities to promote local economic development.  ECONSolutions can assist your city in conducting an initial review of the project feasibility, evaluating the projects consistency with your city’s long-term goals, and determine the fiscal impact of the Project.  All of which will be used to assist in structuring incentive packages to help facilitate development.

Educational City Council Study SessionsEducational City Council Study Sessions

We work directly alongside our clients to provide a 3rd party perspective, study sessions and educational presentations to city councils, chambers representatives and planning commissions.

Feasibility Studies & Revenue Projections

Determining the viability of proposed projects through feasibility studies for commercial development opportunities in your city.  ECONSolutions offers a wide range of techniques to evaluate retail potential to assist in making preliminary decisions on moving forward to the next stages of the development process.

ICSC Support

ECONSolutions staff works on behalf of our clients to make these events as productive as possible. Providing meaningful data and information and scheduling valuable face-to-face interactions with real estate professionals and developers is an ECONSolutions specialty. For past event summaries please click here.

Reuse & Redevelopment Studies

Evolving consumer trends, regulatory constraints, and market forces are driving changes in land use, including industrial, office, retail, residential, mixed-use, institutional, and supporting infrastructure. In light of those factors, ECONSolutions can assist your city in developing a Reuse and Redevelopment Study to assist with creating new real estate value, producing jobs and promoting resource efficient development in your community.